Personal, hands-on marketing support for customer focused businesses that want to achieve competitive advantage by raising the impact of their communication and presentation.

In today’s fast-paced competitive marketplace, first impressions can make an enormous difference regarding who we hire and do business with. Raising the impact of your communication and presentation can help you to achieve personal and business competitive advantage, create a great and lasting impression and effectively make and maintain the professional relationships that lead to personal and business growth and success. 

As a specialist in Sales & Marketing, I help entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses to maximise their potential through the finer points of business interaction which shape the way a brand, product or person is perceived; improving their messaging and projecting a unified professional image. Using my business expertise, I offer insightful coaching and mentoring with personal hands-on help and support to help achieve measurable results.

Combining this expertise with my certified image consultancy training, I also coach and advise professionals, and would-be professionals, on how and why it is important to project the right image in business; through understanding the impact of body language and personal appearance and the positive impact this has on confidence and self-esteem.



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