Style and image are important; particularly in business where a considerable amount of time and money goes into the design and marketing of a brand’s image. Employees who represent the brand values and ethos of a company, both inside and outside the workplace, and who are able to communicate effectively through personal appearance and body language, contribute to the overall success of the business as well as enhance their own personal performance.

People are judged by how they look (and act) and crucially this impacts not only on the company but also on how they perceive themselves. A lot of people are very good at what they do, but they can lose out on promotion, or at an interview, because they don’t look the part. 90% of people’s first impression comes from how you look and how you present yourself - you never get a second chance!

For a Business: Investment in the personal and professional image of staff as well as Managers, results in increased confidence levels, a boost in morale and motivation and the positive development of business relationships.

For an Individual: By improving your self-presentation and communication skills, you will make an impact for all the right reasons; leading to personal and professional achievement.

I provide Image and Impact Workshops or Presentations to help business people and students, maximise their potential through understanding the impact of body language and personal appearance. They can be provided in group or one-on-one personalised sessions.

As each business, person, school or college is unique, I tailor the content of each workshop or presentation to meet specific needs and objectives. Please get in touch to discuss how a bespoke programme or presentation can be made to meet your personal or organisation’s requirements.

"Even though I only had a few sessions with Dee she completely changed my outlook on how I presented myself to potential employers. She helped me feel relaxed and confident about my upcoming interview (I got the job thanks to you Dee!). We also picked out the perfect outfit for my interview, which I could not have found without her. I would highly recommend Dee to anyone who needs help building their confidence and their wardrobe.

Thank you ever so much for your help!"


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